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If tears can be seen as rain drops, wherein lies the tragedy...

It’s raining hard. I take care of you, you take care of me.

We are walking side by side, with the heavy rain like that.
Concept : Shihya Peng / Alexandre Bouvier
Choreography : Shihya Peng                 
Composer : Alexandre Bouvier 
Voice : Mike Tijssens
Rehearsal directer:賴姿伊
Rehearsal assistant : 邱芷涵
Dramaturgy : 許慈茵
Lighting designer :李忠貞
Photo :何肇昇
Dancers: 邱芷涵,陳映如,許馳朋,蔡沛哲,柴倍祺,陳姵琪,鄒明潔,王芊茵,朱家萱,林杰恩,洪晨瑄,陳亞渝,劉芷妘,楊敏瑄,白佳芸,葉嘉晟

2020 Creation Taiwan, Taipei
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